Fatin Najihah Naruzzaman (Accommodation Executive)

The global health care industry has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus. While not all hospitals screen for or treat Coronavirus, hospitals and medical centres remain essential industries and many healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, paramedics) do not have the luxury of staying at home as they continue to serve the public often at their own risk.

At The Purple House, we are committed in doing our part to protect the healthcare community and in ensuring that they have a clean, safe and comfortable environment to retreat to after work. We manage the Sun-Med Residence and our residents are primarily healthcare professionals. Our friendly and professional team manages the day to day frontline operations; housekeeping; building maintenance; security and resident welfare; and they are holding the fort, even during Movement Control Order period.

In Part 1 of Meet the Heroes at The Purple House, we would like to introduce one of our team members, Fatin Najihah Naruzzaman. Fatin is an Accommodation Executive and has been with The Purple House since 2018.

1. The Movement Control Order commenced on 18 March 2020 which meant closure of all government and private premises except for those involved in essential services. Hostel management is considered as “essential” and as such, you and your team members have been present in the office on a rotational basis. Tell us a bit more of your duties during the Coronavirus period.

  • As some healthcare professionals have to be quarantined during this period due to their possible exposure to Coronavirus, we need to ensure that the room is ready for the residents to move in and that we follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for quarantined individuals. The SOPs are provided by the hospital and must be strictly adhered to.During quarantine, any outside contact will only be allowed under our permission and supervision. We must ensure that the quarantined persons follow the SOPs. Keeping the healthcare professionals safe is our number 1 priority.

2. How do you feel about coming to work while the rest of your colleagues are working from home?

  • I am the only person in my household that needs to travel for work. I am staying with my parents and younger siblings and this has caused me feelings of anxiety every time I return home after work. There is no single day that goes by where I’m not feeling anxious. I’m fearful that I might be the reason, if anything is to happen to my family especially my parents since they are older now and very vulnerable towards the virus. Even with every precaution step taken, I can’t seem to shake the anxious feelings away. All I can do is just pray to God; that we are protected by Him and I try to stay positive as much as I can.

3. What is the best part about your job? Do you feel that it is meaningful?

  • I am happy to be supporting our healthcare professionals in ensuring that they are comfortable, safe and that they have a home to return to once they have completed their duties. While not all of us can be front liners during a pandemic, we can all make a small but meaningful difference to the lives of others in our own way. For us at TPH, it’s the little things that count; like ensuring facilities are in order and the environment is clean and sterile to mitigate any risk of catching any viruses, Corona or non-Corona.