Nicholas TakaMalaysia

I have been living in The Purple House for a year and 8 months and it had been a great experience for me. Being away from home is not the easiest thing to do but now it’s no longer a big deal for anyone. I’ve meet with a lot of friends from all around the place and we still communicate until now. The place is filled with a lot of fun people to hang around with and you won’t feel alone. The best area in purple house is the lounge area where everyone can meet each other. The management and RA will always be there to help you and they will make you feel comfortable staying. Besides that The Purple House is always clean.


The Purple House provides comfortable and relaxing environments especially for someone like me, first time in Malaysia. The lounge area has flat screen TV, study room, and a comfortable sofa which are provided to all residences. Furthermore, the distance from INTI College satisfies all students. Needless to mention, the residences do not need to be bothered by traffic and searching for parking. Hence, the residences can easily budget their time to go back to hostel or college and continue with their classes, assignments or hobbies. Overall, The Purple House would surely provide you several advantages for your college life. I hope the hostel would be your favorite one too.

Clarissa Elsa FebiyolaIndonesia

I have been staying in The Purple House 2 since my first semester in INTI College Subang one year ago and I have no regret about it. Frankly, being in The Purple House 2 is same as being at home in my country, Indonesia. The facilities are great, well-maintained, and convenient for students. Besides, I could make friends with lots of good people in The Purple House 2 and even they have become my so-called second family. I really love the strategic location of The Purple House 2 which is in SS15 area where I could easily find great places to eat, drink, and hang around with friends. If you are dreaming of great hostel to stay at the so-happening place like SS15, The Purple House 2 would be the right ONE!

Adelia Baroto PutriIndonesia

It’s been 9 months staying in Purple House and to be honest, Purple House is a fun and cozy place to live. You will never feel lonely because you can always hang around in the lounge room and meet your housemates to chase away your boredom. Whenever you have problems, you can inform the management and RAs, they will definitely help you. It’s also safe to live here and I feel secure because it’s not easy for strangers to get an access inside. Purple House is like my second home now and I have my second family here which is my housemates.

Farahim Bt Mohamed ZinMalaysia

I have stayed at Purple House for more than a year and i have considered this place my second home. Purple House is not just a hostel with great facilities and a safe place to stay, it is also a community. The friends I have made here are some of the most amazing people I’ve met and they have made the transition of living on my own an enjoyable one. The management is also prompt and swift, with all of them being very close to the students here. There are many places to stay in SS15, but if you want a home away from home, Purple House is the place to choose.

Pavinthran AngamuthuMalaysia

I stayed in purple house for a year and half during college. During my stay, I found it to be extremely cozy with the interiors well maintained. I liked how each floor had its separate amenities for the convenience of the students staying there. Besides that, the Wi-Fi provided is really fast and optimal for students. The fact that there are CCTVs that were operational 24/7 made me felt safe. Another thing is its location. There are lots of restaurants, cafes, banks and it is just a few minutes’ walk from my college. I also got lots of help and guidance from the hostel administration and wardens, who were always there whenever we needed them. All in all, TPH is a great place to live your student life as it has everything you need. Thanks.

Liyana Mohamad HassanelMalaysia

I enjoyed my 7 months staying at The Purple House. The best thing about staying there is the convenience it provides. It’s so close to everything that I don’t have to worry about having to walk far to get anything; the clinic, pharmacies, restaurants, and even to my college. Besides that, TPH is also very comfortable. I like how the room is small and cozy. The lounge area is also a great place to get together with my fellow housemates and friends, where we’re able to do our assignments and have marathons of TV shows together. I would definitely recommend this place to those who are new to this area and looking for a comfortable and safe place to stay.

Dickson GhanjaMalaysia

I have been staying at The Purple House 2 since April 2013 and my stay has been a great one. The hostel is near to everything I need, such as Maybank, printing shop, the college and various eateries. I get to meet with other residents from other countries and we get along really well. The Purple House has organised a lot of activities in which the residents get to be a part of. The room and the facilities at The Purple House are great, I get to hang out at the lounge, wash my clothes at the laundry area and prepare my food at the pantry. I would encourage new students to stay at The Purple House as it is a truly unique, safe and fun place to stay.

Joanne Tow Sook PingMalaysia

I have been staying here since September 2012. The Purple House is the best place to stay ever. I’m so glad that I move here itself is a very homey place. I meet lots of friends they are like my brother and sister to me. I love my room, I love the people here, I love the lounge and the management is so friendly. Moreover, The Purple House is really close to INTI and lots of food it’s really nice neighborhood to live in. To go in and out from The Purple House we need to use electronic access card and CCTV every corner in the house. I feel so safe staying here. The Purple House is like a 5 star student hostel in ss15. You can’t find any place that as well as The Purple House. Even my parents love this place, my mom use to said that “although the rent is a bit expensive but its ok, the place is clean, nice, safe and you won’t be homesick anymore and I’m not so worry about your safety.

Leticia PaulaUnited Kingdom (UK)

The Purple House is a great place, coming from UK it was a culture shock moving to Malaysia, but the management and the students in The Purple House made me feel so comfortable and are always there if I need any help. The accommodation is very clean and I feel safe. I have made great friends and when I go back to England I will definitely keep in touch with my new Asian family. It’s the best place to live, with a great environment! Everyone should pick The Purple House.

Roshinie SoniaUnited Kingdom (UK)

I stayed in Purple House 2 for almost 4 months and I couldn’t ask for anything better. The accommodation and the facilities provided are amazing. The Purple House location is so convenient for students, as its few minutes’ walk from our university and there are so much food options. You won’t get bored of eating the same food every day. The management of The Purple House is very helpful and welcoming which made it so much easier in settling here. Being far away from home, I felt very homesick but there was sense of warmth which really helped. Living here, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of people from all around the world which is really nice. I really like Purple House in comparison to all the student accommodation I lived in, as it has a sense of uniqueness. It’s not just a hostel but it’s a home for all students.

Yusuke TagumaJapan

I have been living in The Purple House for 4 weeks. To be honest, I was surprised to have good facilities in here such as clean toilet, security system using card and study room. In addition, the environment in here is so friendly that you cannot feel yourself alone in the presence of so many international students. The positive point to stay in here is nearby college. Our priority is study in college so what I want to say that it’s easy to go to college and stay there longer. I hope that you would like to join us in The Purple House.